Therapeutic Effects of the Feldenkrais Method (Awareness through Movement) in Eating Disorders

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Germany (2004)



<p>Based on the movement-pedagogical concept of Feldenkrais and the findings of disturbed body perception by eating disordered patients this research aimed at studying the therapeutical effects of the Feldenkrais Method &bdquo;Awareness through Movement&ldquo; with eating disorder patients. 15 eating disordered patients treated at the Roseneck hospital for behavioural medicine rated &ndash; by means of a questionnaire consisting of scales of the Body Cathexis Scale (BCS), the Body Parts Satisfaction Scale (BPSS), the questionnaire for body perception (Fragebogen zum K&ouml;rpererleben; FKE), the Emotion Inventory (Emotionalit&auml;tsinventar; EMI-B), the Anorexia-Nervosa-Inventory for Self-rating (ANIS) and the Eating Disorder Inventory-2 (EDI) &ndash; various aspects of their eating disorder before and after participating in a nine hour course of the Feldenkrais Method. The data of these patients were compared to those of the members of a control group, also consisting of 15 eating disordered patients who did not participate in a Feldenkrais course. The participants of the Feldenkrais-course showed increasing contentment with regard to problematic zones of their body and their own health as well as concerning acceptance and familiarity with their own body. Other results were a more spontaneous, open and self-confident behaviour, the decrease of feelings of helplessness and decrease of the wish to return to the security of the early childhood , which indicates the development of felt sense of self, self-confidence and a general process of maturation of the whole personality. The outcome points to the therapeutical effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method with eating-disorder patients within a multimodal treatment program.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Laumer, U., Bauer, M., Fichter, M., &amp; Milz, H. (2004). Therapeutic effects of the Feldenkrais Method (Awareness through Movement) in eating disorders. <em>IFF Academy Feldenkrais Research Journal</em>, 1, from</p><p>Originally published in German.</p><p>German version published in: (1997). <em>Psychother.</em>, 47, 170-180. &nbsp;</p>