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Finding movement

Photo: © Rosalie O'Connor 2005-2007. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission, courtesy of FGNA.

The IFF Archive is pleased to make some of its holdings available to practitioners via this website. Non-practitioners cannot access these materials. If you are a practitioner, you will need to register in order to gain access.

We are working with the IFF Distribution Center to publish some of audio recordings in the Archive. In the meantime, we offer these samples to the community for an immediate experience of the benefits of the IFF Archive of Feldenkrais Method.

These recordings are for your use only and no duplication or reproduction is allowed. All copyright laws apply.

Audio Quality

These recordings vary in quality and have not been subject to any processing other than conversion into digital format. The files play at different volumes and have some edits that exist on the originals. They have not been edited further.

You must be registered on the site in order to access the audio samples. Practitioners and training program students may register here.