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Photo: © Rosalie O'Connor 2005-2007. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission, courtesy of FGNA.

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What's Happening Now 

These materials are maintained in safe, climate-controlled storage.

The IFF Archive Working Group has:

* Recorded all items in a databse and assessed them for condition. 

* Digitized many of the older, more at risk tapes. 

* Digitally preserved over 40 newspaper articles about Moshe’s life in many languages.

* Digitally preserved over 80 hours of audio from workshops in English, German and French.

* Placed the 50 year old manuscript of the Potent Self with a professional paper conservator to halt its deterioration and prepare for digital preservation. 

* Digitized the 1,500 photos donated by Bob Knighton and are organizing them to be available to Feldenkrais pracitioners via the image galleries soon.

* Provided access to researchers for a number of projects including the biography authored by Mark Reese.  

* Acquired materials through gifts from the New York Public Library (6 hour workshop video,) Stanley Brown (35 hours of audio)  and Jerry Karzan (150 photos.)

For the Future 

Policies to provide community access to the archive are under development. Sample archival audio recordings and images are available in the Audio Samples section of this website; photos will be available in the Image Galleries. 

Audio recordings of workshops suitable for publication are being improved for release by the Distribution Center in a low-cost 'From the Archive' series. 

Lectures given by Dr. Feldenkrais in the 1960's at Hebrew University are being assessed for translation and publication. 

Audio recordings of Feldenkrais teaching in German, French and Hebrew are being assessed for possible publication. 

Photos need to be scanned and catalogued.  

Fundraising is ongoing and needs to increase to meet the cost of preserving and maintaining the entire collection. 

The work of organizing and preserving these materials requires your generous contribution so that the rich legacy of Moshe Feldenkrais can be more easily accessed. Use the 'Donate Funds' link on the left.