IFF Distribution Center (IFF DC) Board and Staff

The International Feldenkrais Federation’s (IFF) Board of Directors appoints the Board members for the IFF Distribution Center. The DC Board, in turn, hires the DC Office and Operations Manager.

DC Board

The Board sets policy and direction. Coordinates and sets priorities for the production of new products, responds to the requests of the parent organization (the IFF), discusses projects with the copyright holders, ensures the fair distribution of materials for sale, and volunteers much time toward the details involving development, digital conversion and preservation, and electronic media.

Board members often live significant distances apart, across international borders. Meetings are held regularly via conference call. The board meets face-to-face at least once per year.

The Board members take on a variety of volunteer responsibilities. For example, when training transcripts are produced, one board member will be the project leader and production planner. They initiate or delegate the many tasks needed to bring the project to completion. Tasks are completed by board members, volunteers and staff. Technical specialists are hired for certain phases of production, if needed. By the time a product becomes available for sale, hundreds of volunteer hours have been put into it.

Current DC Board Members

Chair: Kornelia Himmel, Switzerland
Kornelia is volunteering in the Swiss Guild SFV since 1993 in different degrees and ranges: working groups board and co-chairing the board, treasurer and bookkeeping. Since 2008 she is an appointed IFF representative, and director in the IFF DC board since 2010. She offers the flavor for numbers, the love to learn and improve by acting, and the fitness for long meetings through constant rowing practice on the Rhein-river in Basel to the DC board.

Secretary: Jenni Evans, Australia
Jenni has been a volunteer in the Australian Feldenkrais Guild since 1999. She was appointed as the IFF representative in 2004 and elected to the IFF Board in 2005. She served as the IFF President between 2006 and 2011 and as the inaugural IFF Materials Manager from 2011-2016. She brings a passion for building successful businesses.

Current DC Staff

Office and Operations Manager: Allegra Heidelinde, USA
Graduated from a Feldenkrais training program in 2004.

Shipping Assistant: Mathew Brock, USA