We are happy to inform you that the IFF is participating in the first funded European Project that promotes the work and professionalism of Feldenkrais Practitioners throughout Europe!

The project was promoted by the イタリア語教師協会フェルデンクライスメソッド – AIIMF in partnership with:

International Feldenkrais Federation – IFF

フェルデンクライス協会ドイツE.V. (FVD)

Italian Fibromyalgia Syndrome AssociationAISF

and the external collaboration of the EurotabCouncilETC

This is a very important achievement!

In the history of our Associations/Guilds, this is a first opportunity to act together internationally with a shared goal of growth, visibility and greater recognition.

The project, approved within the framework of the European Union’s ERASMUS+ program (February 2024-January 2026) is calledフェルデンクライス 4 ライフ Supporting the professional development of the Feldenkrais Practitioner as a key actor in society for the development of health and integrated personal care.

Read more about the objectives, activities and expected results at this link:


Why is it so important?

The project aims to enhance the professional contribution that Feldenkrais Practitioners can make in the evolution of society, for the development of an ecology of health, well-being and continuous learning of the individual.

Where to start?

An online survey addressed to all European Practitioners!

The first important step is massively disseminating this information among Practitioners, so that they could participate in the initial international survey, through an online survey. It is completely anonymous and addressed to teachers in all European countrieswhether members of a national Guild/Association or notwhich will provide the state of the art on how Feldenkrais Practitioners live their professionalism and how they practice in member countries.

Everyone’s contribution is therefore not only valuable, but also indispensable for data collection.

By devoting less than an hour of their time to its accurate compilation, in a totally anonymous form, European Practitioner will not only be able to tell his/her professional story and their passion for this work but will also actively contribute to the realization of the project.

The questionnaire must be completed by 28 六月 2024.
Here is the link: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/F4LIFESurvey2024

This is the opportunity we all now have to show ourselves to Europe, to its institutions and to all those with whom we could work and develop our professionalism over time.

We hope you will keep in touch both for the results the survey will produce, and for all future activities promoted by the project over the next two years.

For any needs or requests for information, please write to: fElden4l私fe@gメートルail.Coメートル

We would be happy if you would spread this important news to your fellow colleagues, メンバー, and non-members, working in Europe.