Contemporary Photos

Photographer: Robert Golden.

This collection of images was created out of the lack of photos representing our work, felt not only by practitioners but also by small guilds and associations. Vesna Puric, Belgian representative to the IFF since 2011, suggested that professional photographer Robert Golden take the pictures, and the IFF Assembly 2012 unanimously decided to support the project. A wish list was made about what we would like to see in the images: young and old people, men and women, a representation of different cultural backgrounds, ATM and FI. The photos were shot in Brussels and published in 2014. Read the full story by Vesna: pdf.


These images are free for practitioners and trainees to download and use in Feldenkrais-related promotional materials (e.g., websites, brochures) provided they are credited as follows: © International Feldenkrais® Federation & Robert Golden. All rights reserved.

Usage in commercial publications, such as books or magazine articles, requires a signed agreement; please email the Materials Manager.