The IFF recognizes the contributions of the following individuals and groups, among others, without whom the materials distributed here would not be available to the worldwide Feldenkrais community.

Michel Silice-Feldenkrais, who has made thousands of audio-visual and print items from the Feldenkrais Institute available to the IFF. Today we are happy to communicate with Arielle Silice-Palucci as  the representative of the Feldenkrais family.

IFF Archive and Materials Committees

IFF DC Board and Staff

IFF Board of Directors (current and past)

IFF Member Organizations

Donors of materials and funding to the IFF Archive.

Volunteers and staff who have helped to procure, preserve, review, prepare and produce materials for international distribution.

Translators, including the Feldenkrais Translation Project Group, who have translated original materials into English and other languages.