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Your contributions of materials and funding to further preserve this legacy are greatly appreciated. Donations are always welcome, and are a way for you to contribute to the material legacy of the Feldenkrais Method® and Dr. Feldenkrais. Donations help cover the costs of digitization and preservation.

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The IFF holds the copyright to these materials. If you wish to use them for something other than personal study, please refer to the Copying and Fair Use guidelines.

We appreciate you buying these valuable materials. Income from these products allow us to continue the work of translating, transcribing and publishing more for the whole Feldenkrais Community. Copying or otherwise distributing these works is illegal and deprives us of the resources to continue this work.

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As an individual Feldenkrais Method teacher, practitioner or trainee you are expressly ALLOWED (licensed) to use the materials in the following ways:

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  • Loaning or lending the materials, including providing them to a library for that purpose.

If you are purchasing these materials for a Feldenkrais guild or association, the terms are slightly different. Please read sections 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 for details.

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Donate Materials to the Archive

Without the foundational elements from donors such as Michel Silice-Feldenkrais representing the Feldenkrais family, Bob Knighton and Stanley Brown, we would be unable to share with you the richness of Feldenkrais’s legacy. Sizeable contributions also came from Gaby and Victor Yaron, Garet Newell, Lea Wolgensinger, Barbara Wurm, Jerry Karzen and Arielle Silice. These helped widen the scope of the IFF Archive of the Feldenkrais Method.

We are seeking any remaining materials that would develop our community record of the Method and Moshe’s life and work.

If you know of any Moshe Feldenkrais materials, or other materials on the development of the Feldenkrais Method that would be suitable for the Archive, please contact the IFF Materials Manager.

Your contributions of materials and funding to further preserve this legacy are greatly appreciated.

Volunteers and staff have helped to procure, preserve, review, prepare and produce materials for international distribution. Past and present volunteers in IFF task groups include:

Abraham Mansbach, Alison Smith, Anne van der Aa, Annette Orphal, Arabella Hirner, Arlyn Zones, Aurélie Galibourg, Barbara de Bardt, Ben Parsons, Bernadette McGrath, Bonnie Rich Humiston, Brandee Selck, Carolyn Fleg, Choune Ostorero, Chris Allan, Christa Buetzberger, Cliff Smyth, Dale Jensen, David Zemach-Bersin, Denise Alvarez-Braunschweig, Diana Sternbach, Dirk Steinkamp, Doron Tadmor, Ellen Soloway, Erifily Nikolakopoulou, Franck Armand, François Combeau, Frank Höfer, Garet Newell, George Krutz, Gisella Warmenhoven, Holly Ruan, Ilan Jacobson, Jaclyn Boone, Jane Christie, Jenni Evans, Jeremy Krauss, Jo Bouckley, Kai Schaper, Karl Humiston, Katrin Springherr, Keith B. Johnson, Kim Cottrell, Lavender Lily Everlasting, Liane von Beesten, Linda Kendell, Liz Senn, Liz Sisco, Liz Whitehead, Luis Gonzalo Correa, Lyn Guy, Marcela Bretschneider, Maria Laura Villasol, Marcia Scott, Miriam Salomon, Moti Nativ, Natacha Nicora, Nur Bar-on, Olaf Bock, Patrick Gruner, Paul Senechko, Penny McCornack, Phillippa Clarke, Rägi Zubler, Ralph Hadden, Rebecca Speed, Richard Ehrman, Rinata Barsukova, Rob Black, Rupert Watson, Sabine Merz, Sam Nelson, Sandy Berger, Sarah Aßmann, Sharon Munro, Siegfried Gott, Simone Roloff, Stephanie Spink, Sue Vonthien, Tancha MacKnight, Verena Farnbacher