Reference Database

The reference database has recently been revised. For more information on the revised reference database, please click here.

The aim of the reference database is to collect and showcase all available high quality research publications related to the Feldenkrais Method®. It serves as an easy-to-access repository for people interested in Feldenkrais research – clients, practitioners and scholars.


The reference database is maintained as an open-access Zotero group library administered by an editorial team that spans across the entire Feldenkrais world. The content is freely visible and searchable for all audiences and is available for integration in personal collections after joining the Feldenkrais Studies Zotero group as a member.

Zotero is a free, open-source research tool that allows users to collaboratively collect and organize bibliographic data and related sources. Shared reference databases are easily accessible through a browser interface. For more elaborate functionality, Zotero is also available as a stand-alone program for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as a browser extension for Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

If you need help with signing up for the web version of Zotero and joining the group, consult our brief tutorial. For further information on Zotero see the MIT library guide and the Wikipedia entry.

Sources and Contributions

The foundation of the content of the Feldenkrais Studies reference database is the result of a project co-funded by the IFF to conduct a new meta-search regarding the Feldenkrais Method in the academic library databases provided by the University of Vienna as well as a cross-check and update of existing reference lists. The database would not be possible without the following sources and contributions by people and institutions:

  • Reference List of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild (Kim Wise, Karol Connors)
  • Zotero collection based on data from the old IFF list (Dav Clark)
  • Reference List of the German “Feldenkrais Förderverein” (Claus-Jürgen Kocka, Herbert Hollesch, Carolin Theuring)
  • Reference List of the Meta Review Study of 2015 (Susan Hillier, Anthea Worley)
  • Commented Reference List in PhD project (Wolfgang Busch)

The first IFF research list was started by former IFF Board Member Cliff Smyth in 1993, and has been managed and significantly expanded by other former Board Members, Werner Krauss and Rob Black – with contributions from Jim Stephens, Pat Buchanan, and others – over many years. The project team to create a new and updated reference database for the IFF in 2015 was comprised of Cliff Smyth, Wolfgang Säckl, Dav Clark, Jessica Taylor and Stefan Wiltschnig (as Project Coordinator).