Statement of Purposes

Adopted at the 2003 Assembly


The IFF is an organisation founded out of the desire among its members to co-operate in a fruitful and positive way, in the spirit of the Feldenkrais Method.

Recognising the international community of students and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method, the IFF provides an international presence for the Method and its practice.

The IFF embodies a common international vision of the Feldenkrais Method.

The IFF pursues mutually respectful relationships between Feldenkrais organisations internationally, while recognising the diversity of roles and interests in the Feldenkrais community. The IFF promotes awareness of mutual responsibilities, co-operation and co-ordination between member organisations.

The IFF, a federation of member organisations, acts in concert with its members. Each member of the IFF shall retain its existing functions unless that member agrees otherwise.


The mission of the IFF is to realise the full potential of the Feldenkrais Method throughout the world.


To realise this Mission the IFF will:

  1. Develop visions for the future of the Feldenkrais Method and its practice, informed by diverse cultures and ways of thinking.
  2. Provide forums for the international community to meet and develop through constructive dialogue, and facilitate and stimulate communication within the international community.
  3. Collect and archive the legacy of educational materials developed by Moshe Feldenkrais and make this heritage available to all teachers of the Method.
  4. Support research and development in the Feldenkrais Method, and collect and disseminate information about the development of the Feldenkrais Method and its practice.
  5. Support programs for the development of the professional field of the Feldenkrais Method, and foster a culture of continuous learning among Feldenkrais teachers.
  6. Look for places of interface and interchange of the Feldenkrais Method with neighbouring disciplines, international bodies and society.
  7. To set shared standards for ethics and quality of education.