Policy on the Use of IFF Materials in Feldenkrais Advanced Trainings and Workshops

We appreciate Feldenkrais Practitioners’, Assistants and Trainers willing to work with IFF materials and request that you agree to the following conditions for their use:

a) Any material copyright to the IFF which is used in a Feldenkrais Advanced Training or Workshop should be legally acquired. Whenever possible the source should be mentioned and an indication be made as to where the source material can be bought.

b) Audio and video recordings may be played for educational and study purposes, provided the copy used has been legally purchased by the person leading the workshop.

c) No materials can be copied and distributed amongst participants without prior permission. You can ensure all participants receive a copy if you make a bulk purchase from the IFF Distribution Center (discount rates are available). Otherwise, the DC should be mentioned as the source and vendor of the materials and participants should be directed to its website (www.feldenkrais-method.org/materials) to buy their own copies.

When materials are handed out, an existing copyright notice (© International Feldenkrais® Federation) should remain visible. When no copyright notice is visible, a note should be added referencing the IFF Distribution Center and “Used with permission”.

We encourage the teachers of Advanced Trainings and Workshops to educate participants about the IFF, the DC, about buying vs. copying, and the need for generating funds for ongoing translation and product development.

In return, the IFF grants permission to use source materials and offers discounts on all materials bought in bulk orders. Please request a coupon code from the DC prior to making the purchase.

The International Feldenkrais® Federation (IFF) is a worldwide federation created to preserve and foster the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais.

The mission of the IFF Educational Materials program is to act as a steward for educational and historical materials created by and about Moshe Feldenkrais, his works and teaching, along with other significant materials relating to the Feldenkrais Method.

Its purposes are

  • to support the development of the professional field of the Feldenkrais Method and contribute to the quality of its practice through access to these core materials;
  • to collect, archive and preserve original teaching materials by and about Moshe Feldenkrais, along with other significant materials relating to the Feldenkrais Method;
  • to give practitioners access to Dr Feldenkrais’ core teachings to the public and in training programs.

To achieve these ends, the IFF Archive of the Feldenkrais® Method procures and maintains a collection of archival and published materials. It engages in editing, translation, publication and distribution of these materials, and where appropriate, in selling materials to Feldenkrais practitioners through the IFF Distribution Center. These Materials are protected by copyright laws.

To ensure the viability of the IFF Archive and IFF DC, expenses for production and distribution have to be covered, and royalties paid to the Feldenkrais Estate for the rights to use them.

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