International Assistant Trainer Collective

Welcome to a new initiative to support Assistant Trainers in building their skills and confidence. We know that work in Training Programs is limited. Often it involves more observational learning than an active engagement with developing the competencies required to become a Trainer. However, every Assistant Trainer is a deep well of unique knowledge and experience. Until now there have been few opportunities to collaborate, support each other and grow together.

In recent years, the Legacy group has voiced concerns about the low number of people becoming Feldenkrais Trainers.  In response to that, FGNA agreed and proposed to the IFF, that they support the formation of an International Assistant Trainer Collective to help Assistants develop the skills they would need to be ready to submit a Trainer Application. Candy Conino (USA), Sonia Amicucci (Italy) and Jenni Evans (Australia) have agreed to be the initial coordinators.

So whether you are a new Assistant, someone who has been an Assistant for ever, or working on your Trainer Application, we invite you to be part of this exciting new project.

The IAT Collective is organized by Assistant Trainers for Assistant Trainers with the support and the collaboration of the International Feldenkrais Federation. There are three main aspects of the program, support, collaborative resources, and education.


The IATC will host monthly online meetings to support Assistant Trainers. These will be repeated in different time zones. They will involve sharing skills, ideas and resources, so that we all become more skilled Assistants. There will also be project collaboration, feedback, and support. We will also support the people working through their process to become Trainers. There will be writer’s groups to share and offer feedback on evolving Trainer applications.

Collaborative Resources

The IFF has dedicated a section of their website to IAT Collective members. This will be an area to for us to communicate, brainstorm, collaborate, and create a reservoir of resources for IATC members to share.


The educational plan includes a set of learning modules, based on the Trainer competencies. The detailed design and delivery of the modules will be outsourced to the community, and then chosen by the members of the collective. Modules defined currently include:

  • Pedagogy,
  • Group Leadership and Engagement,
  • Teaching Functional Integration,
  • Preparing ATM teachers,
  • Writing a Trainer application,
  • Assessment, 
  • Organizing a Feldenkrais Professional Training program.

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