The International Feldenkrais® Federation (IFF) supports research related to the Feldenkrais Method® as well as the collection and dissemination of information regarding relevant scholarly publications for the benefit of the international community. It does so through the Feldenkrais Research Journal, the Research Working Group, and an open-access Reference Database.

Feldenkrais Research Journal

The Feldenkrais Research Journal is an international, interdisciplinary journal concerned with research issues for the Feldenkrais professional field and for those interested in this form of somatic learning in human development. The Journal is aiming at a dialogue within the professional field about research – and a dialogue with science and scientists about their practice.

Research Working Group

The IFF Research Working Group consists of a group of Feldenkrais practitioners and trainers with diverse research backgrounds who are committed to supporting and promoting scientific knowledge in relation with the Feldenkrais Method.

Reference Database

The number of scholarly publications related to the Feldenkrais Method is continuously rising. The IFF supports the maintenance of an open-access reference database that provides an easy-to-navigate, continuously updated repository of available materials for Feldenkrais practitioners, researchers, and the public.

Reference Collections

In order to allow easier and quicker direct access to the most interesting publications, the IFF provides here some curated collections, based on sub-collections in the reference database, related to various themes, specific publications, or special issues.

Feldenkrais Studies

Are you interested in the most recent developments regarding “Feldenkrais Studies”? Would you like to get involved? There are various channels and platforms you can engage with in addition to this website. Explore your options and learn how you can participate here.