The Feldenkrais Translation Project Group

The Feldenkrais Translation Project Group is dedicated to helping the IFF by facilitating English translations of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ materials, including the University of Tel-Aviv Department of Psychology lectures and the Israeli Defense Force Radio Series. After each translation project has been completed, the Feldenkrais Translation Project Group donates the materials to the International Feldenkrais Federation for publication and ownership.

Would you like to help? To join or donate to the Feldenkrais Translation Project Group, please contact David Zemach-Bersin.

The IFF recognizes the contribution of this group, without whom the materials they produce would not be available. Per their request the first Israeli Defense Force lesson, Pendulum movement with knee bent is available free of charge. Please download it and enjoy!

Members of the Feldenkrais Translation Project Group*: David Zemach-Bersin (Project Coordinator), Elizabeth Beringer, Anna Johnson-Chase, Scott Clark, Marilupe Campero Cuenca, Edward Dwelle, Sheryl Field, Jeff Haller, Peggi Honig, Paris Kern, Carol Kress, Dennis Leri, Nancy Magnusson, Garet Newell, Alan Questel, Donna Ray, Stephen Rosenholtz, Paul Rubin, Roger Russell, Anastasi Siotas, Frank Wildman, and Marek Wyszynski.

*List as of June 2018. Please contact David Zemach-Bersin directly with questions or for updated information.